Tokenomics & Utility

5. Tokenomics & Utility

5.1 Overview

The tokenomics of $DICE is meticulously crafted to promote utility, boost player engagement, guarantee long-term viability, and foster the growth of the platform. It mirrors Mega Dice's dedication to cultivating an ecosystem where every participant, from gamers to backers, finds value.

5.2 Token Specifications

5.2.1 Token Name: $DICE

5.2.2 Blockchain: Solana

5.2.3 Total Supply: 420 million $DICE

5.2.4 Decimals: 18

5.2.5 Presale Price: 0.069

5.2.6 Presale Softcap: $5,000,000

5.2.7 Presale Hardcap: $10,000,000

5.3 Allocation Overview

  • Presale: 35% (147 million $DICE)

  • Liquidity Pool: 15% (63 million $DICE)

  • Staking: 10% (42 million $DICE)

  • Airdrops: 15% (63 million $DICE)

  • Affiliates: 5% (21 million $DICE)

  • Casino: 15% (63 million $DICE)

  • Marketing: 5% (21 million $DICE)

5.4 Token Utility

  • Gaming Currency: $DICE tokens can be used for gaming on & Mega Dice Casino bot on Telegram.

  • Exclusive Access: Certain games or features may require $DICE for access, enhancing its utility.

  • Staking Rewards: Players have the option to stake $DICE to receive rewards or bonuses.

  • Incentives and Promotions: $DICE will serve as the primary currency for rewards, cashbacks, loot boxes and promotions.

  • Tradability: $DICE can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat, adapting to market dynamics.

  • Crypto Futures Trading: This addition is tailored to suit both experienced traders and newcomers, providing an electrifying avenue to forecast the future values of diverse cryptocurrency assets using $DICE to trade.

6.5 Strategies for Price Stability and Growth

  • Strategic buybacks: A fraction of Mega Dice's profits will bolster the $DICE token, contributing to its stability and potential appreciation.

  • Token Burn: Regularly scheduled burns could reduce the total supply of $DICE, potentially enhancing its scarcity and value.

  • Capped Supply: The fixed total supply of $DICE prevents inflation, safeguarding its value over time.

5.6 Ensuring Security and Regulatory Compliance

  • Routine Audits: The smart contract for $DICE and its circulation will undergo frequent audits for heightened security and transparency.

  • Adhering to Legal Standards: $DICE is crafted to comply with the cryptocurrency regulations of various jurisdictions, promoting widespread acceptance.

  • Liquidity Assurance: Post-launch, the liquidity pool will be secured for 12 months, providing confidence to investors.

5.7 Conclusion

The strategic tokenomics of $DICE exemplify Mega Dice's commitment to a harmonious, rewarding, and sustainable digital environment. It not only guarantees an engaging and lucrative experience for players but also supports the platform’s vision for continuous growth and stability.

Last updated 2024