Staking Rewards

7. Staking Rewards

7. Staking Rewards

7.1 Overview

Mega Dice has a generous system for rewarding holders of $DICE, and even more so for those who stake their tokens.

Staking has emerged as a powerful way to incentivize long-term holding and participation within a cryptocurrency ecosystem. For Mega Dice, staking $DICE not only promotes token stability and fosters community loyalty but also allows stakeholders to earn passive rewards, amplifying the benefits of being a part of the ecosystem.

7.2 Basics of Staking $DICE

7.2.1 What is Staking?

Staking involves locking up a certain amount of $DICE within the platform for a predetermined period. In return, stakers receive rewards in the form of additional $DICE tokens and in the 6 month locked pool SOL is also received as a reward, essentially earning interest on their staked amount.

7.2.2 Why Stake $DICE?

Staking offers multiple benefits:

  • Passive Rewards: Earn rewards in the form of additional $DICE tokens and SOL (6 Month Pool)

  • Enhanced Platform Loyalty Bonuses: Stakers get preferential treatment in terms of bonuses, offers, or game access.

  • Supporting the Ecosystem: By reducing the circulating supply temporarily, staking can contribute to token price stability and increases.

7.3 Staking Rewards and Distribution

Staking for the $DICE token can be found at The staking functionality will be accessible directly from the main site with a button in the presale panel.

7.3.1 Staking Pool and Reward Allocation

  • Total Staking Pool: 42,000,000 tokens

  • Distribution Period: 2 years (subject to adjustment)

  • Reward Frequency: Rewards are allocated every hour.

Rewards are calculated based on the following formula:

Your share of the hourly reward is proportional to the amount of tokens you have staked relative to the total amount staked by all participants. For example, if you stake 5 tokens and the total staked by everyone is 100 tokens, you will receive 5% of the 4794 tokens distributed each hour.

7.3.2 Fair Staking Start

To ensure fairness, rewards distribution will begin 24 hours after the initial staking launch. This grace period allows all participants an equal opportunity to stake their tokens.

7.3.3 Staking Locking Period

Once staked, tokens cannot be unstaked until the presale ends and a specified lock period has elapsed.

  • Locking Period: Details on the specific locking period will be provided, ensuring participants are aware of the duration before committing their tokens to staking.

Rewards that are accrued after lock periods can be claimed at any time after the presale ends and can be used in the casino, kept in your wallet or restaked to compound your holdings.

7.4 Security and Trust

  • Smart Contract Assurance: Staking will be governed by smart contracts, ensuring transparency and preventing any malicious activities.

  • Periodic Audits: Regular audits of the staking contract will be conducted to ensure its security and integrity.

  • Withdrawal Assurance: While tokens are locked during the staking period, stakers can be assured of receiving their staked amount plus rewards at the end of the term.

7.5 Reinforced Ecosystem Engagement

Beyond the immediate financial rewards, staking $DICE will also entitle members to:

  • Exclusive Access: Stakers can receive first-hand access to new games, features, or promotional events.

  • Community Recognition: Recognizing top stakers in the community can foster healthy competition and further engagement.

7.6 Conclusion

The staking rewards system of Mega Dice accentuates its commitment to rewarding its community and ensuring platform sustainability. By offering tangible benefits for holding and staking $DICE, it solidifies its position as a platform that truly values its stakeholders.

Last updated 2024